I am a male, and I like to paint flowers, however art is soul, and soul has no gender. I admire their femininity, sophistication and luxurious feeling. Flowers can be also for free, I know flowers makes many people happy. Flowers talk to us, they have feelings and emotions, I listen them. 

People, plants and animals are the things that have souls. Their souls are what make them living things. I ended with Contemporary Flowers, due to my compromise with Life and Beauty.

I'm drug, alcohol, tobacco and meat free, and I like to promote drug-free art. I am afraid about drugs and chemicals, because if we don't follow the rules of nature, nature can revenge.

I don't like art that promote fear, guilt, anger, instability, or non consensual violence, separation (including racism) or damage things and emotions, because in the long run, all this creates disappointment. Is okay, some people seems don't like or don't believe in the power of nature, or don't follow or respect the rights of nature; is normal in a big world where there we are so many people, and so many discrepancies.

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